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The following articles are available for your information, from Sakis Anastopoulos, our expert lead Mastering Engineer:

Ears - the Final Judge! How to know what sounds right...

The most frequent question that I have been asked from my customers over the past few years is "how do I know that what I process sounds right"? I have also seen many sound engineers in various pro-audio newsgroups asking questions "how does this plugin sound" or "how does this EQ or compressor sound"?

I am afraid that what they are asking really is "hey you out there that I don't know where you're coming from or if your ears or monitoring setup is better than mine, can you tell me if this unit or plugin is the right one for me"?

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How to choose the right monitor

Over the past 6 months I had a good chance to test and evaluate many monitors that were designed for mastering applications. These monitors were from different manufacturers and their price range from $4000-$50000.

During the evaluation period of 6 months I was able to test these monitors under extreme processing conditions at various BIT depths and sampling rates and under critical listening sessions. To my surprise many of the so-called "reference" monitors they were everything else but this. Also to my surprise this happened to monitors at the high price range too.

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