Leading Audio Mastering Experts....

Digisound Mastering is a leading audio mastering facility based in Melbourne, Australia, with considerable expertise in the World Class "Sequoia" Audio Mastering system.

We have been successfully working with our clients both locally and internationally for over ten years. Simply put, we provide the highest grade of CD Mastering and Audio Enhancement available, creating a new benchmark of audio quality.

Our audio mastering services include: Forensic Audio - CD Mastering - Audio Restoration - Audio Enhancement - Digital Editing - PQ Encoding. Our head mastering engineer has over 20 years of international experience in the music industry. Checkout our latest CD Audio Mastering Tips.


Your vision is our goal...

Your vision is to have your music faithfully reproduced at the highest quality possible. Our goal at Digisound is to provide you with the highest quality master possible by linking state-of-the-art technology with our uniquely developed mastering techniques, performed by a highly trained and skilled engineer - resulting in sound as you've never heard it before.

Let Your Ears Decide - with a complimentary trial

At Digisound we are so confident that we can deliver you the highest quality master at an affordable price, that we are prepared to offer you a taste of our work...simply send us one of your tracks and we will master it free of charge! This is an obligation free offer and the best way for you to sample the quality of our service - in this way you can be absolutely sure of our outstanding results.

module 1

CD (Pre) Mastering

We are equipped and have the know how to deliver you a master that will make your project sound stunning.

module 2

Forensic Audio Examination

Forensic Audio Analysis is a task that deals with many aspects in the examination ...

module 3

Digital Editing

We use the absolutely best in DAW technology which enables us to ...