Forensic Audio & Voice Identification

Forensic Audio Analysis is a task that deals with many aspects in the examination of sound.
Voice identification, Digital Audio Enhancement, Digital Audio Analysis, and Digital Audio Authenticity Analysis are just some of the areas that Digisound can assist you with.

Law enforcement agencies, state and federal police, lawyers & attorneys, private investigators, banks and corporations can benefit considerably from our expertise in this area. Please contact us for further details.

Sound restoration can be as simple as a basic noise reduction, de-clicking or de-crackling, or it can be as complicated as a forensic examination and restoration of mobile telephone or CVR recordings (Cockpit Voice Recorder, AKA "Black Box"). If everything else that you tried to restore your project has failed please contact us. You'll be surprised with the results that we can deliver. We are equipped with the complete range of the highest quality Algorithmix processors in order to deliver you the best results that can be obtained with today's technology. Digisound is an authorised beta tester of the worlds leading mastering products available, giving us access to leading edge tools & techniques for forensic restoration projects.


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